Moira Callie MacKenna, Marine Biologist

I lived in Santa Cruz and worked as a Marine Biologist, prior to getting accidentally abducted by Bolano Scorpak. His twin, Breneem also laid claim to me. Imagine, two hot aliens all for me!

Bolano is a neat freak; Breneem is a slob and is in constant need of an ego-boost.

I am now pregnant with twin girls and have yet to decide on names. My mates think they should be called Bolana and Breneema. I'm not going for it.

I really hope they stop smothering me soon. On one hand it feels great to be so wanted, on the other hand I want to knock them both unconscious.

​​Olivia Lynn Phillips, Communications Expert

​​​I'm the overly protected goddaughter of Kodiak, and honorary goddaughter of L.C. They, along with my father, have trained me since I took my first steps in martial arts, blade throwing, shooting, weapons of all kinds, spying, stealth, breaking end entering, gymnastics, and a whole host of other things. L.C. has also taught me to love singing.

​Warrior Zepar, elite assassin, thinks to lay claim to me, even after I darted him and sent him to la-la land. And even after Kodiak put him on his ass twice, once while blindfolded. I don't care how fast these aliens are, they are no match for my badass godfather.

​Regardless, Zepar says I'm his. Perhaps, if I decide to give the hunky alien a chance, and if my godfathers don't kill him first.

​​   Bryony Johnson, Chemist, Botony, Research

Hi! My name is Bryony and I am so in love and so confused. There I was, minding my own business, in the Amazon Rainforest with the blackmailing idiot Cameron when Phataz decided to kidnap me. (He considered it saving me.)

Can you believe he left me a choice of going with him to his world or returning to mine with my memories erased! I would have been arrested should I have returned to Earth. What a charmer!

I am really hoping that things get better, but remain skeptical. How would you feel if the alien who kidnapped you told you he wants you, but is going to breed with another upon his return, and thinks you should be okay with that? (My thoughts on the subject have caused me to recite many Hail Mary's.)

Update: Phataz is an ass! I've gotten involved in with a Pzian Pilot, but truthfully, I'm scared to death. I've never seen a long-term relationship last. Phataz proved that my choice in men is rabid. Will my charming Pzian Pilot turn out to be just as toxic?

​​Lieutenant Colonel (LC) Mitchell Cavanaugh, Strategist

Can you believe that big bastard Kodiak's picture was plastered on the front page! I am so under-appreciated. Let it not be said that I don't know how to take advantage of a situation. At least I get to tell you a little bit about myself (take that and chew on it, Kodiak).

My wife, Carla, passed on a long time ago. Not a day goes by when my heart and soul don't cry out for her. One of these days we will be together again. While I wait to be called, I watch out for my honorary goddaugher Olivia and her big bad, official, godfather Kodiak.

Soon, I'll be godfather to Moira's twin girls! Kodiak thinks to share this title with me and he can. He will be the honorary godfather this time, maybe the godmother. Let him choke on that one.  

Touch my goddaughters and die.

Aaliyah Renatta Clarke, Astrobiologist

Abducted by an alien! An egotistical, thick-headed, gorgeous, stubborn extraterrestrial.

Warrior-Pilot Riken Abruok actually thinks I should be grateful and what? Bow-down before him? Hah. Think again. He keeps trying to impress me with all of his accomplishments as a pilot, and with the battles he has fought and survived. All that does is make me angry. I swear, if he gets himself killed show-boating while battling, I'm going to drag him back from the beyond and put his huge salami through a meat grinder.

Kidnap me! I'm going to have some fun with this oh-so-yummy alien, and not all of my fun is what he will appreciate. (Wink.) I know I can return home but really want to see the universe. The Commander has offered me a five-year post to decide, and I have accepted. Plus, I actually like the conceited alien, but don't tell Riken that.

​Honored Guests, Set 2

Dr. Stacy Randall​

​Please just call me Stacy. I work as a stem cell researcher and I wish I could tell you that my dedication to my work is because it fulfills me, but that would be dishonest. During my childhood, the girls at school spread rumors that I was a witch, because of my near albino coloring. I spent my childhood being talked about and not in a favorable way. When I attended college, I thought things would be different. It was somewhat. No one there thought me a witch, but most wondered why I was there because they believed I was going blind. I inherited my unusual eye color from my mother's side of the family. My eyes are such a light blue with specs of silver and areas that appear colorless, that my peers found it difficult to define where my eye color fell on the color spectrum. Tired of hearing the comments, my introvert personality solidified. I gave up on finding friends who wouldn't judge or criticize. This lack of self-esteem left me rejecting interest from potential suitors. I learned, from a young age, to not trust people. When I accepted a position at a leading research institute I had hoped my social life would take a positive turn, yet, I couldn't let go of my childhood insecurities. At least until a gorgeous fireman enterred the picture. Poor, sweet, Logan never knew that I was being monitored by an alien who decided I belonged to him. Heck, I didn't even know! Nor did I know that my life was being broadcast like a soap opera onboard his transport ship. Now that I know how my privacy was invaded, I'm grateful that I'm not a nose-picker!  (This book will be released in the summer of 2017.)
​                                                          Gabriella Mendez-Powers

​Gabriella is Kodiak's and Isabel's daughter. She is gifted like her father but has otherworld sidekicks, Nayen and Clair. They keep her busy rescuing children. They also keep her safe.

​Enter Warrior Blaize Pulten, Head of Security for the Guardian Warship and Pzianian Assassin. He takes a personal interest in Gabriella but must find a way to survive her protective sidekicks. His attempts to meet her are fruitless and painful. Furthermore, he knows he will have to deal with her father, soon. Second Technical Officer Ivanoff Chipil doesn't think Blaize will survive.
​                                          CARLIE LONGWOOD

​Carlie and her brother Justin were abducted by Galaxy Warrior Tyce. He justified his actions by declaring it was in their best interests! Carlie thought otherwise. Both her and her brother inherited the gift of Psychometry from their father. Simply by touching an object or person they are able to retell past events and sometimes future events. They are also able to tell when a person is being honest. Since their parents crossed over, Carlie has taken on responsbility for her teenage brother. She is hounded by a social worker who feels Justin may be better off in foster care. 

                                                Charlotte Carmichael

Charlotte was declared legally dead but by the grace of God and the angels was brought back. She returned with the power to heal. Why they bestowed this gift on her is beyond her comprehension. Although she has never committed any serious biblical crimes, she is anything but pure. Loving the goodtimes, with a heart of gold, and townspeople eager to protect her...she, and the locals, lead Warrior Rort Chipil on a merry chase through the Louisiana Bayou.