​            K.L. Wallen

​Your opinions are important, and I hope that my books bring joy, laughter, pleasant and exotic dreams, hopes, and smiles to you.

I love to hear from readers. It makes me want to keep writing and that I'm not wasting my time! If you could please reviews, simple ones on your favorite characters or parts of the books, I would appreciate it. I believe the reason so many talented writers give up the art, because they feel it's not worth their time. People tend to buy books based on the number and rating of reviews. Few reviews, fewer people are likely to take a chance. I keep my books low in price, because I enjoy what I do and want to keep them affordable.

If you have any thoughts on places, plots, characters...I'm always willing to listen. You can also find me on Facebook.

I hope to find 10 to 20 people, familiar with the series (since it's an ongoing space/Earth soap opera) to review books and provide me feedback before I release them (set 2 of the series next year). If interested, please let me know. My email is [email protected] That's if it appears there's an interest in the series.