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​I don't know who wants to scream more, Moira, me, Olivia, Zepar, Slotan, J'Quil, Samantha, or everyone else at the compound, over the twins obsessive behavior! Gorgo and Jenna are going to take the Moira's twins out early next week and put them in incubation cradles. Moira's husbands, Breneem and Bolano, are absolutely driving everyone bat-shit crazy with preparations. Well, not Moira, at least not in the same way. Just the rest of us! I go over there everyday, since Gorgo (against Jenna's advice), gave into the twins and ordered Moira to stay in bed. B&B keep insisting I cheer her up with jokes, and not bother her with news about anyone or anything else. I keep telling them to back-off and let me just spend time with Moira however we want. She tells them the same and then yells at them to get out! I told her about Kodiak and showed her the picture of Isabel I posted. She agrees. Isabel is gorgeous!

Thank God, Breneem and Bolano weren't around when I did because Moira called Olivia to come over and we had one long cry fest. We're all so worried. What if Kodiak's daughter doesn't want to leave Earth? Will he return?  Olivia is so depressed. I was next to receive a cammor, but told LC I would wait. He's been taking Olivia out to look at different litters to find the special one, just for her. Jewel is with her, since Kodiak left, but when he returns, Jewel will be back with him. This is what Olivia keeps repeating. Yet, I know she's scared to death that her godfather won't return, or will return only to say goodbye. Olivia confessed to me that she always wanted a sister or a brother, and was excited when Kodiak told her he discovered he had a daughter. That was until he said he was going back to Earth because his daughter, Gabriella, is in trouble. Now she feels guilty because she wishes Kodiak didn't have any kids, well, except her. LC is her honorary godfather, but it's not quite the same. Whereas Kodiak has been with her since birth, LC didn't appear in her life until she was eight, and then she hardly ever saw him until she was in her late teenage years. She doesn't hold it against him. Olivia's dad invited LC and his wife to dinner (when she was 8). They didn't have any kids and took a liking to Olivia and her to them. LC took it hard when Carla died and Olivia didn't see him for a couple of years after that. He had poured himself into work and depression. It was her dad, Robert, that convinced him to come for a visit. LC did, and by the end of the visit he declared honorary godfather status. Kodiak accepted it well since they were also friends and he knew LC would also help train Olivia and guard her, in the same way he and her father had done for those many years.

​Olivia has shown me sketches she's done of the pool house. It's going to be grand. The guys want a pool table in there, so she had to enlarge it. Zepar and LC are working on the pool tables now. They've been arguing with Slotan over the corners. Slotan wants them to be just like the one he and Kodiak played on with the lions mouth as the opening where the balls go into the corner net. Zepar and LC have been trying to talk him out of it. I think they are close to compromising. One table of each design. Slotan calls his version the Warrior Table and the other the Academy Table! The goofball has even pulled up pictures of lions and is having the legs look like lion legs. Gee, I wonder if he'll decide to put a tail on it somewhere just to make it more challenging! I'm kinda tempted to suggest it, but Olivia might not appreciate me messing up her Grecian style pool house.

Now that I've written a little more about Olivia (she's had such an interesting life and there's so much more I'm sure. I hope she will continue to share), let me get back to my nearly insane cousin. Moira wants to strangle her hubbies because they keep adjusting her pillows, then replacing them with ones they feel would be more comfortable, then they buy new ones and do it again. Not to mention that one is always with her (while the other is barking orders to the guards about security checks, at the contractors having them triple check that not one screw will come lose from the cradles, to check the air ducts to make sure they won't blast heat or cold air on their daughters, and so on and so on. I'm surprised one of the contractors hasn't bonked either of the twins over the head with a hammer yet. They're also having the house keepers make sure there isn't a speck of dust or dirt anywhere, and the 10 nannies they hired to watch the babies while they sleep have been tested for alertness at least twice a day! B&B have already been having them take shifts, as training, and pop in on them to make sure they are sitting at the foot of and staring at the empty, side-by-side, incubation cradles!Ten of the nannies will rotate shifts for six months, and after that there will only be two. The cradles won't be here but for another month or so. I guess, the nanies will have a chair at the end of the cribs?  I wonder if any of those ten will be here when the babies are born. Actually, that's a no-brainer. They'll be here as dictated, or B&B will hunt them down! I can just see it now. I really feel for my cousin. Even though they keep her tucked away, she hears what's going on. I pray B&B get over this paranoia once the babies are beyond the point of SIDS being a concern. Then again, if these girls pop out with red hair and green eyes, and look like my beautiful cousin....God help us all.

Moira is really trying to be understanding, but I can tell she's on the brink of tears--that's if she doesn't start pitching things at B&B again. My cousin isn't the type to have someone else raise her kids. As it is, she's going nuts because the twins hired help to clean the house, and a cook, and a gardener. She joked that if she got stuck in a house as big as mine, she'd have demanded to be returned to Earth. She loves her pink and lavender Victorian home. She secretely admits she wishes it were smaller, yet thinks it's a perfect size since she wants more kids. I get a kick out of the way she gets B&B to help her around the house, or did, until they convinced (that's probably a mild word) Gorgo that she needed to remain in bed. Moira and I are pretty confident, sort of, that when she has more kids that Breneem and Bolano won't be so #&*!

Slotan still hasn't given me a definitive answer on building a guest house I can stay in when he's gone to the capital. He said he'd let me know, when he knows I'm safe. Slotan did surprise me  by purchasing a transport, and hiring a driver, for when the cafe gets up and running, so we cater coffee. Odd, he came up with this idea after I told him I planned on working at the cafe every day. If I didn't know any better, I'd think he's trying to keep warriors out of my cafe, or me away from my customers. Gee, I wonder if the trasport has a passenger seat! I'm of course not going to mention that.

Still no news on the mastermind behind my kidnapping. Slotan feels it was probably Nopal and Krantik's mom, but he's not ruling out either of the fathers, even though they are off planet. One of them could have arranged it. Slotan's having the commanders of the warships they're each assigned to go over every communique. My vote is the mom (and I'm secretely wondering if Slotan and I have the same mom in mind, although I can't bring myself to tell him that maybe he should be looking at his own mother. Ouch.)

​I saw Phataz take one of those tramps he's been entertaining to Gorgo's house, while Jenna wasn't there. I asked Jenna about it, and she claimed Gorgo hadn't said anything. According to Bryony, Phataz keeps stopping by her lab. Bry says she's going to meet with him sometime this week and tell him it's over. Bry is so sweet and I know this is going to be hard. She really hates confrontations.


​Okay, we decided to make the first coffee house a simple, relaxing place. The twins are having some warrior in the tech department to get the juke box Slotan brought back from some adventure he had with Kodiak on Earth. He's having it redesigned so a sample of the song will play and if the warrior likes, it he can chose it or pick another. We'll have a standard coffee bar and serve the flavored hot and iced coffee drinks. We've decided not to go with pastries yet--just sticking to caffeinted coffee. Some tables will rectangular, and others round and seat up to four each. We'll be able to accommodate six round tables comfortably. The rectangular ones will be near the back walls and will have bench seats. The walls are going to be a fresco style in browns. On the walls will be paired up pictures. There will be a picture of a beach/ocean on Earth, and next to it will be a picture of a beach/ocean on Pzian. This way the warriors, and us, can see the similarities and differences between our planets. The guys were miffed about not having weapons on the walls, so we agreed to a have the north wall decorated with pictures of Pzian warriors and Earth military, and also Pzian Warships and Earth space shuttles, battleships, and AirForce jets.

​Construction is already underway. The tables and seating have been ordered. The techs are replicating Espresso machines for us, and Phataz is working with the chemists to simulate all the ingrediants we need. All of us are pulling together pictures and we'll be voting on which ones to use first. We'll rotate the pictures once a month.

​Oh, Slotan really enjoyed the strip tease I did for him while he was in a meeting in the capital! He asked me to give him a warning the next time so he won't have to abruptly excuse himself from a meeting. I told him I'd consider it. That's it, I told Moira I'd be there when Gorgo and Jenna get there to give her the weekly exam. I want to see my nieces on the screen.


​Yep, Slotan got the message. I went on a rampage  the day after Slotan put up that stupid shower curtain type thing around the toilet. Not only did I annihilate the curtain, but I bashed apart the monitor in the bathroom. The only reason I didn't bash in the one in our bedroom is because Slotan assured me only he has access to that one, just like the bathroom. Well, too bad. The one in the bathroom isn't going back up. He didn't put up much of a fuss when I told him about the shows he could occassionally witness on his data pad on the bedroom monitor when he isn't home. He's the only one with access to monitor our private quarters. The guards can view the rest of our residence, unless Slotan enters the code to cut their feed. They were able to view it at all times, until I happened to mention, when he decided to get frisky in the entertainment room, how after this, he won't have to worry about his guards wanting to guard my body. He immediately reprogrammed the system to shut off both video and vocal access on any room in the house on his command, but not mine! The jerk. After my initial anger, I calmed and realized all this extra security was a knee-jerk reaction on his part to protect me. I've warned the girls to be careful what they say when they come over. On the plus side, I'll have a reason to get out of this massive house and visit my friends more often. Yes, the guards are still with me in the house when Slotan isn't, but the monitoring, as Slotan puts it, stays on when he isn't there regardless. He swore the guards won't be able to access our bedroom on the feed. They would only enter if I screamed or if he contacted them. I pray he settles down soon because I really hate feeling like I'm under a microscope 24/7. Moira doesn't think that will be for at least a couple of years, I'm afraid she's right. At least I can escape to her house for a while. I still can't help but smile everytime I see how the twins decorated the outside!

Ellie says Moira's house has given her some wonderful ideas for a children's story. She's promised it won't be one like Hansel and Gretel. She told me not to say anything. I think she's going to make it a baby shower present.  

I've been feeling as if, except Moira, of course, the others have felt that because of Slotan's position that they should be coming here instead of expecting me to go to their homes. They come a lot, but honestly, they all look as uncomfortable as I am when we're interrupted every half-hour or so to see if there's anything we want. My guards go with me to Moira's, Olivia's, etc. but stay inside at each entry, like sentinels. At least in their homes we can go into the kitchen or another room and have some privacy.

​So, I got the scoop on Kodiak. What a shocker! Olivia is so torn right now. Commander Gharm contacted Slotan and informed him that he discovered Kodiak has a daughter, and that she's gifted. She's also being hounded by the police, and Commander Gharm's warriors haven't been able to contact her yet. They're trying to track her, but she is not easy to follow. Kodiak has already left back to Earth. He honestly had no idea. Kodiak, who somehow knows everything, didn't know this. We figured it was fate that he wasn't supposed to know.  We all know how cruel fate can be at times. Olivia is happy to find out that she has a younger sister, since she's Kodiak's goddaughter and never had any siblings, but she's scared to death that he won't return before her and Zepar's baby is born. Kodiak swore he would return, but whether or not he stays permanently, he couldn't promise. Thank God LC is here. He has been stopping by her house every few hours to hug her. Olivia, Kodiak, and LC are like me and Moira. I know it's tearing LC up too, knowing that Kodiak may return for one final visit, but he, like all of us, are hoping that Kodiak will bring his daughter back with him, and stay. We finally know why he named all his Harley's Isabel. He shared the one picture of Isabel with Olivia that he had. Commander Gharm says Kodiak's daughter, Gabriella, looks very much like her mother. Olivia told me I could add it on our personal album, so I've done that.

Jenna, bless her heart, got Olivia interested in helping to design the indoor pool area that will be centralized in the compound. Olivia wasn't too interested in first, but as soon as Jenna started talking about the benefits of swimming as a form of exercise while pregnant, Olivia was onboard! Zepar had restricted her workout sessions and it's been driving her crazy. Silly idiot tried to tell her she couldn't work out at all...Olivia put him on his ass several times, until he agreed he wouldn't interfere so long as she followed Gorgo and Jenna's instructions. I think the only reason he agreed so readily was because he was afraid Olivia would hurt herself kicking his tailend from one end of their home to the other and back. Zepar won't even counter her moves. He's so afraid she or the baby will get hurt. I think Olivia's even more frustrated over that because she's not that far enough along to limit her normal activities, at least not by human standards, or Pzian standards for that fact. But being that she is pregnant with a hybrid...well, Zepar is acting like the twins when they found out Moira was pregnant. The diff being is that Olivia is used to hard daily workouts, and Moira worked out as time permitted. It wasn't a major part of her life.

Bry and Aaliyah are coming over after they get off work. They'll be bringing Doll Face along. She really is adorable! We're going to Samantha's for dinner, and to argue some more about the theme for the Coffee House. (I've been ignoring Slotan's attempts to not do this. It's going forward. Period.) Moira has already cast her vote for a Parisian style, also tossed in are modern, the fifties (Happy Days), and Medieval, with lots of battle weapons on the walls. The guys tossed that in since we're constructing the first one near the warrior training area. I don't know, maybe we'll make each coffee house unique. If this first one becomes a hit that is.

Still no news on my third kidnapper and I'm just not going to worry about it. This is my life and I'm going to live it. I'm also going to get Bomb back as the Captain of my guard. The girls have decided to help me plot how to do this. We've decided to have a picnic, just us, and to bring a tent, paper, pencil, and a lighter. These Pzians have hearing and sight that is far too obtrusive.

​JANUARY, 2017


​So ready to strangle Slotan! I'm a prisoner in our home. Seriously. Not joking. How would you like it? I can't even move from one room to the next without one warrior in front of me and two behind me. I don't even get alone time when I'm in my bedroom or bathroom and Slotan is gone. (He put in monitoring devices that go directly to his data pad. I nailed a dark sheet in a circular pattern around the toilet! He replaced it with a semi-clear one so he can make sure I'm the only one in that 12 inch or so diameter!) I love the big goof, I really do, but right now, I'm not liking him very much. Much more of this and what little sanity I have is going to go kaboom!

​Leader Thalmar, bless his heart, stopped by to see how I'm doing and offered to have me come to the palace and check for hidden passages. The palace has been added onto, but the bulk of it is centuries old. Slotan said no. It's not as if I'd be going in there by myself! Moira can't do it. Her baby bump has become the size of a basketball. She'd probably get stuck in there and then the palace would have to be partially torn down. Bryony said she would go in and check it out, but then came up with an excuse not to when Phataz announced he would accompany her. I so want to do this! I can already picture what hidden vaults and treasures we might uncover. Not that we'd keep any of it, but how exciting would that be if we did discover some ancient artifacts that were squirreled away. That's it, I'm just going to keep working on Slotan until he's so sick of hearing it, he'll toss in the towel. Maybe I can find something that will really irritate him, that he'll jump at the chance to let me explore. I'll even let him come with me! So what can I do to make this happen?

​We're planning a surprise baby shower for Moira in a few weeks. It's going to be great. Pzians have never heard of such a thing. What's really shocking is that the males aren't there for the births, unless the female goes into labor early and they can't get her to a healer. We've already started a betting pool on whether Breneem will pass out when Moira gives birth. I'm betting he will. She has already told them that if they are not there with her, then no more babies! We all suspect they would be anyway, as protective as they are over her. I just feel sorry for Gorgo and Jenna. They'll be delivering (C-section), and will have B & B breathing down their necks. Gorgo is giving her four more weeks until they take them out and put them in the incubation cradles. He says Aaliyah and Olivia are also going to have to deliver early since the babies are already showing signs of being born bigger than their bodies can handle. Moira's upset because her hips are already spreading and she's fearful they won't go back to normal width. Looking at her, I think she has cause to be concerned, but I certainly won't be the one to point it out, at least not until she's regained her sense of humor.

​Still no word on my third kidnapper, but Slotan says they have some good leads. I really shouldn't complain. I know he was scared, even if he won't admit it to anyone but me. I don't think he realizes everyone knew how scared he was that he was going to lose me. If by chance any didn't, they're probably figuring it out now. He's building us an indoor swimming pool, a billiard room, installing a mini-coffee shop (I think this is his way of trying to convince me to be happy with this and not move forward with the coffee shop, and having more surveilliance equipment installed all around the compound. He's even ordered new transports. I saw a picture of them and they remind me of those ones that police and military use. Ya know, the ones that withstand bomb attacks.

​I'll put up with it for the time, since the other person hasn't been caught, but then that's it. Even if I have to create disguises. I've already started mapping the compound and looking for weaknesses so I can break out and go into town for some shopping or to go visit Aaliyah and Bryony at their home. Oh, Bry is back and Aaliyah is back at their house with the cammor. LC is going over there a couple times a week to help them train the cammor. Aaliyah called her Doll Face so often that it stuck. It's all she answers to. I like it. Bry says she'll wait since her and Aaliyah will be sharing a house for the next few years, and she is hoping to go on more expeditions.  LC has already searched out other cammor breeders and found a few with good pedigrees. He wants to make sure they don't all come from the same line, for obvious reasons. Anyhow, there's a litter that is due in another nine days and he says he'll bring them over as soon as they are moving around so I can pick one out. I'm so excited! Samantha and Moira are arguing over who gets to pick from the next litter that's due in another month. LC told them that if they can't work it out, he'll toss a coin. I think Samantha should get the next one, since Moira will be too busy with my nieces to take on a cammor right now.

​Xinu and Resar will be coming for a visit soon. Slotan didn't say when. Oh, Moira and I got a video from our families! They look great and are having a fun time helping Commander Gharm. Aideen is really excited about it all and swears she will be heading here to claim her hunk just as soon as she graduates. Gharm has been helping her with her studies. That surprised us all. He seemed so stiff and put-off by us when we met him. I don't know what has changed his mind, but am looking forward to finding out.

​Kodiak leaves tomorrow. He's leaving Jewel in mine and Olivia's care until he returns. Olivia and I are having lunch together tomorrow, so I'll find out what's going on. When I saw her earlier today, she looked like an emotional train wreck.


​I spent last night at Leader Thalmar's palace while his personal physician, Gorgo, and Jenna, checked me over. Slotan wouldn't let anyone else, including Moira there. That's probably best because her pregnancy isn't widely known yet, and she is showing. But, in a bit, I get to see her and all my friends!

​I didn't think I'd ever been so scared in all my life. Not even when I after the mountain lion, but that was different. I went into that willing to save the boy's life, and Slotan's. Although he didn't need my help, and he still refuses to let me forget it. This time, I was the target and had to rely upon what Kodiak, LC, Olivia, my parents, dire role- playing Moira and I used to do, and good old American television and movies. I wish I could say I was solely responsible for my own survival, but that would be a discredit to them. Their guidance, wisdom, lessons on survival, (and nuttiness--Moira!) is what gave me the strength to not surrender. Maybe now, Slotan will want to help train me, properly. His ego is such that it bothered him that when Kodiak, LC, and Olivia gave me some self-defense lessons while we on the Galaxy Hunter. Slotan constantly argued that there was no need since it's his job to do so, but to make me happy, he didn't put a stop to it.

​Kodiak tracked me down last night. He had Slotan, Jewel, and a host of others with him. I don't think Slotan will ever let me out of his sight again, or at least not unless I have a couple dozen warriors with me. Bomb has asked to be reassigned, even though I don't hold him responsible. It was my choice to wait there while the rest checked on whatever the distraction was. It's still pretty much a blur. I screwed up.

​My fellow human friends are sticking by my side, even though I know Moira is pissed at me. Still, I know she is also very proud of me. Same with the rest. I think I really surprised the warriors, that I, a weak Earth female could survive such an ordeal and outwit my executioners (two of which died because they didn't have the benefit of watching American television--those amazing animal shows--bears on ice...). I was told that they planned on killing me and were planning on making it look like either an accident or an attack by a wild beast. Even though they removed my translator/tracker, I picked up enough words to know they wanted me dead. Death seems to be a common subject among these warriors, so it isn't hard to pick out those types of words.

​Two died in the ice cavern when they tried to follow me across, the third one is still at large as far as I know. Slotan doesn't know who it is and I haven't been much help in that area. I didn't exactly concern myself with getting a good look at them. In fact it was pretty dark in there and I was more concerned with escaping. I honestly wouldn't want to try to identify someone. I'd be too afraid I'd be sentencing the wrong person, probably to death. I'm basing that on the look on Slotan's face. Slotan's not happy that I won't at least try, but he's too volatile right now and I'm too shaken. He at least had made a connection between the two bodies they pulled out of the ice lake to Nopal and her deranged brother's family, but that doesn't prove their parents or siblings (if they have any) are behind this. I know Nopal and Chell's mom blames me, she stopped me when I was in the capital and told me she blames me for their deaths. I'm afraid Slotan will wipe out their entire line. He's not easy to reason with right now and I'm concerned that there are those in that family that don't share the wackos' views.

Also, it could just be anger on the part of a few others (most females) who have been vocal about Slotan, future leader, taking an alien life-mate. Leader Thalmar pointed this out. He has a large team of warriors working undercover investigating my kidnapping. There's so much to the Pzian culture I don't understand.

Kodiak, LC, Slotan, and Bronis believe we have a traitor/informer at the compound and are working that angle. So, I've been told I won't be able to even walk to Moira's house, or anyone else's in the compound unless I'm surrounded by guards. Until they discover the "bagallard." We all agreed not to tell our families (on Earth) about this.

​Back to my escape. After the ice cavern, I found the thermal cavern higher up and managed to warm up some. I found some roots to eat (decided to leave the crawlies alone), and water to drink. I took a chance on eating and drinking only because I was starving and needed the energy. Thankfully, none of it was poisonous to my system, although I did have a bit of...never mind...later on. The hardest part was making sure I slept in short spurts, when all I wanted to do was sleep for days. Truthfully, the temptation to sleep for hours on end, lasted after my first short nap and I found myself picking bugs off my person and out of my hair.

​After warming up, I traveled some more and found even thicker, deep tree roots to climb up. They were so dense that I was able to twist my body into the roots so my hands were free to start digging at dirt at the top of the cavern. The roots also provided good cover so I wasn't easily spotted, unlike the tree roots I found earlier. The truly horrible part is that my nails are ruined, and I'm sorry but I still don't understand how, with their incredible medical technology, that they can't repair fingernails! Gorgo, seriously, has got to do something about that.

After digging myself out, like a little vamp, I roamed the mountainside and napped in either branches, high-up, (getting down really hurt and I have the bruises to show for it). I also napped under fallen trees. There were a couple of hallowed out areas within larger trees, and I was tempted to sidle in and sequester myself if for no other reason that it meant not having to jump out of a tree or sleep on the ground with the bugs. But, alas, unlike B-rated horror movies, I'm not a dimwitted actress who pins herself into a place with only one way in and out. I did make sure to cover myself with dirt and mud to mask my scent (yeah to American TV again). Overall, as badly as I wanted to scream and cry, I couldn't. I'm may pull stupid stunts at times but that's only to help others. I'm not stupid enough to give myself away by yelling or throwing a fit. Well, I did scream, but that was when Slotan scooped me up into his arms. I didn't know it was him. Poor guy, he wound up with some vicious marks on his face, some hair loss,  and nearly got his nose bit off. He really should have announced himself before he startled me awake.

​I feel such a coward for not finding a spot to have taken pictures of my pursuers. Other than Slotan, his father, brothers, and my fellow transplants, I don't know whom I can trust. I'm not sure I should be around Moira and the other women. I don't want them getting hurt because someone wants me dead.

​Right after Slotan brought me back here, he, Kodiak, Olivia, LC, and Zepar went into a private meeting. Olivia came out crying and ran off. Later I saw her hugging Kodiak and telling him how sorry she was and can't wait for him to return.  All Slotan has told me is that Kodiak has to return to Earth immediately, and that I should discuss it with Olivia. Maybe tomorrow. I don't think she's up for visitors right now, plus I'm sure Zepar is there comforting her. Don't want to interrupt that.

​Phataz had another Pzian whore coming out of his home in the wee hours of the morning, before my adventure to the caverns. He so doesn't deserve Bry. Whatever Moira told him on our way to this planet, he obviously misunderstood, or he wouldn't be thinking that Bryony would wait on him. Jackass.


Bry here. Kodiak found your mini-Jo, so I don't know why I'm writing to you except to tell you I miss you and you had better be okay, or I'm going to be really pissed. Slotan went to the ice cave and they detected two bodies under the ice, which has already frozen over. Kodiak says you are not one of them and that you have moved on., and have made it outside.  He also says there's still another one trailing you. Slotan has several hundred warriors scouring the mountainside for you. Stay safe and hidden at night when the beasts roam. Please go up into the densest of trees. Kodiak has Jewel searching also, but he seems to leading the group for the most part. At least Slotan, his family, LC, and personal guards are following him. The rest are scanning the rest of the areas. I don't think they have as much confidence in Kodiak as we all do.

​As soon as we get you back, we're definitely getting drunk. LC says he can make kick-ass moonshine! The guys are carrying food, water, blankets, and medicine with them for you.

​1/3? I'm not sure what day it is.

My mini-Jo has been loosing some functions, or I'm doing something wrong. I'm praying you get this. I got only a sliver of light but am hoping it will be enough. Something bit me. Don't know what it was, but it hurts and it's swelling. I hear people coming but can only make out a few Pzian words. There's several of them. I made out the words Sarai and Chell. I have to go. I'm where Bomb brought us in the red crystal cavern. There are some tree roots here, but not thick or heavy enough for me to climb and hid in if need be. There's got to be more somewhere. Tell Moira, I'll pull a vamp move.  I see a dark tunnel and don't think they'll choose that to follow me into, since I can feel the cold coming from there. I suspect it might be the ice cavern. If so, tell Moira I remember how bears cross the ice...half breaststroke...half angel wings...and, belly crawl.

​It is the ice cavern! And they are following me. Damn. Some parts don't look very thick, but if I make it across maybe I can let them see me and get them to rush across. I'll make sure I'm standing at a spot that appears thinner. They should be so focused on me that they probably won't notice. I hope, but I've already been proven wrong. So let's see if I'm as tricky as I hope I am.

Can I have a cheeseburger when I get out and a hot toddy? A sauna and massage would be nice to. Tell Gorgo he had better figure out how to fix my fingernails! I don't want to delete this since this may be my last message to you. I'm hiding this and pointing it to the slight crack. I may not find another one. I'm glad you abducted me and came after me when I ran from you. I hope I have made you as happy as you've made me. Tell my family, friends, your family, and my guards that I love them and appreciate everything they have done for me. Also thank Thalmar for being so kind to us. If I don't make it, please live for me and our families. I trust you to watch over them until we meet in the next life. And you had better not bring along a new life-mate, or I swear I will demand to be reincarnated and find another warrior! (Don't forget the cheeseburger). Love you now and always. Truly.  

​Sorry, I'm just not ready to say goodbye yet. I promise I'll find a way out. I been finding some other things to eat and haven't gotten sick so far. I've also seen more tree roots, but they dont look thick or strong enough to hold my weight and hide me if necessary. I'm still hoping I'll find some big enough that I can use them to climb us and dig my way out through the dirt.


​It worked! I heard the ice crack and a lot of yelling. I don't think all three fell in though from the sounds of it. See, we humans are pretty smart ;-)   I guess your warriors never learned how how to do the bear belly crawl. Right now, I'm really glad I'm not as big and heavy as you guys are! There's something to say for being small. In fact there's a lot of things to be said to being small--I can fit in places you guys can't. Maybe you can send me on special missions to plant explosives in areas where your warrior won't fit! Or to spy in ventilation systems! (Smile...I need a sense of humor and fantasy right now). Tell Moira I want her next daughter named after me. I also want to have children with you, but please promise me that you will make time for us. A lot of time.

​This begins in October, 2016. You will need to scroll down to read the beginning entries.

​December, 2016


​Delete this as soon as you read it. I have over 200 warriors here and we are searching every area and all of the caverns. Kodiak says you're still alive but in extreme danger. He says you've escaped them, and that there are three of them. They are not far behind you. Keep going. Don't give up. We are so close to finding you. We have come in silent so we won't tip them off to our presence. My warriors are traveling in groups of four and are wearing blue gloves on their hands so you'll be able to identify them. If you see four of them, whisper the words Santa Cruz, and they will call in your location and stay there to protect you until I come. If you hear your name called, don't step out. It's a trap. Blue gloves. Four warriors, not three. I miss how you make me so confused and crazy. I so want to hold you and feel your arms around me.


​Laurel, I got your messages. Whoever took you, got you outside long enough for me to pick up the message you sent, but your tracker has been removed. I don't know where you are. I need you to go into settings and open up the location setting. I should have done that before I gave it to you. Please forgive me. Make sure you keep it powered. The location setting will not use as much energy as your journal writing and transmissions. If you are back in a rock environment, find a spot with a bit of light coming in and keep it there for as long as you can. Don't let the bagallards find your mini-Jo.

My heart, leave it to you to find hidden passageways. My dad says we should hire you and Moira to go through all of the academies and all buildings built two or more centuries ago. The plans to the academy were long lost and had no idea those were there, but someone does. Kodiak found the way in and we know you are no longer here. Kodiak says you are heading back to the mountains and that your life is in danger. You must get away, fight for your life. Find anything you can use as a weapon.  Kodiak, LC,  and I are on our way now. Father and the twins are looking for clues at the academy. Zepar and Thalmar are interrogating everyone.

​​I love you and this is NOT goodbye. I'm not giving up and you will not either. Do you hear me? You are mine and I am yours. Escape, hide, fight, kill, do whatever you need to. Gods and goddesses Laurel, I have never loved a female before you and will show you just how much I mean that as soon as I have you back in my arms. DELETE these messages in case they discover the unit.


​Okay, I haven't heard back from you yet, but you or one of your warriors must be in here somewhere and we're just missing each other. Thanks for leaving the food in here for me. Any chance you have a port-a-potty you can have brought in? Also, next time make sure the guard puts something in the door to hold it open, which by the way, I don't see. So tell him or her to draw arrows on the all showing me the way back. Okay? One other thing, I understand wanting to conserve energy, but damn it's really cold in here. I'm going to sit here and wait for as long as I can. Now that I'm full, I'm tired. Maybe I can catch a few winks. Can't wait to wake up in your arms. I am trying to be brave, but have to admit that I wish I had worn my shit-kicker boots. I'm setting my mini-Jo to minimal power to conserve the battery, or whatever you have in these things. At least I haven't seen any of those radioactive cockroaches! Love ya with all my heart.


​​Laurel, Bry here. Slotan didn't want to contact Moira yet. He is worried sick. He told me where you guys are and I had him describe the place to me. I thought of Harry Potter and told him to check for hidden passages and tunnels. He didn't understand so I told him to have everyone start pulling on every candlestick, pulling on every book, lifting every carpet, pushing in on even the most obvious, in-your-face, you'll never think I'm a way into a dark tunnel item. If you can find even the smallest crack, point your mini-Jo to it and send a message. Please! As soon as you contact Slotan, you had better send me the next message. Be safe and don't freak-out. Don't forget, i case you haven't charged your mini-Jo lately, you'll need to make sure to do it. It's our best chance of locating you. Slotan says he can't even pick up your tracker. I told him it must be an element in the stone.


​Slotan, Look at this! I took a picture in here of the walls. It will make a great background. I hope you aren't going to take too much longer getting me out of here. It's pretty damn cold in here. These walls are thick and the passage is narrow. I've bruised my fists banging on the rock and hope you have heard me. I've also run my fingers all the way around where I came through and can't find a latch to let me back out. This makes no sense. At least the lumen on my mini-Jo is working. I would think you'd be trying to send me a message by now. Maybe these rock walls have the same whatever that blocks communication, as the ones in the caverns. If you are getting this, go to the fireplace and push in the stones that are in a zig-zag pattern. They are slightly indented. This place is like our old medieval castles. Hidden passageways everywhere. But I'm sure you're pulling schematics and figuring this out now. I'll wait here for a while, but then I'm going to try to find another way out. Hopefully one that leads to a room with a fireplace, kitchen, or bathroom. Love You! Also, I'm not transferring my entire mini-Jo to you am I? If so, ignore all but this.

Ah, I hear noises. Do rats live on this planet? Large ones with muffled voices? I suspect if it is you or our guard, they'd be yelling for me. That's it. I'm on the move. Please hurry.  


​​Laurel, sweetheart, send back a message and tell me where you are! I'm looking everywhere for you! The entire academy is looking for you. Please. I know Bryony taught you how to transmit from your mini-Jo. Send me a message NOW. I love you so much. Please come back to me. S.


​I know it's been a little while, but with planning Christmas and all of us pulling it together...I just haven't had time to write. BIG NEWS!  Slotan and I are married! I can't get over how romantic he can be. He made sure LC was back to walk me down the aisle. He had Moira make my dress and shoes. He sent Ellie up to do my hair and makeup. I didn't have to lift a finger. In fact, I didn't know it was happening until Moira and Ellie showed up at my door. Moira really outdid herself on the dress. It is oh, so sexy. Poor Slotan, as soon as he saw me, tried to cut half the ceremony out so we could get to the wedding night. I wasn't letting him off the hook so easy and made him suffer through it. He really did a lot of shifting while we were standing up in front of our families. I heard some chuckling and was tempted to laugh myself, but behaved. Leader Thalmar and Pravel attended also, along with Dakar's family. Fun times last night! And here I was thinking I'd be making the biggest mistake of our lives if we life-mated. Leader Thalmar doesn't seem to care that I'm an alien, mated to whom he has stated would be heir to the throne, so to say, after Bronis. In fact, he admitted that humans are a nice compliment to Pzians. I guess Bronis has been working with him, or Samantha and J'Quil. I've noticed that they seem to go to his palace more so than any of the rest of us. Kodiak and LC are there often too.

​​Ellie caught the bouquet! Slotan's sons weren't there, but we're going to the academy tomorrow to deliver the news and give them their presents. I wish they could have been here for Christmas, but they had tests. Slotan says next year,  when we have it fine tuned, he'll have them participate here with us. It's probably for the best. I'd hate to think they view what we last minute tossed together as a pitiful. I'll write back more tomorrow after we get back. Our honeymoon will have to wait for a month or two.


​Got a message from Bryony, via my mini-jo. Her trip is going well and the scientists are all being really helpful and don't seem to resent having to stop to explain to her the various plants and what they've discovered about them so far. Since everything here is new to her, that's really nice of them. Not too many would have that kind of patience. She says that she's finding some similarities between our plant life too, and has been able to share what we have done with the same plant makeup.

​Aaliyah and the cammor Kodiak and LC picked out for her (and Bry) are getting on great. The guys are already teaching her to work with the cammor. Aaliyah has decided to wait until Bry returns to give her a name, or so she says. I've caught her calling her Doll Face. If Bry doesn't get back soon, it's gonna stick. I know when Codis returns in five years, they'll be getting their own place and Bry will get one of her own. Doll Face, in the meantime, will protect them both. Slotan has asked Kodiak to pick out a cammor for me next, and Kodiak agreed. After all that's happened....need I say more?

​​So, we Earth girls have decided to introduce Christmas to Pzianian. It's all being put together, hastily. Next year, it will go so much smoother. This year, we'll decorate a tree that is centralized between all of our homes, since they don't have artificial trees and don't believe in cutting them down for decoration. Plus, there are no pine trees to be found, at least on this side of the planet. Don't know about the other side and didn't think to ask. Samantha has taken charge designing artificial trees. She'll need the guys help with the programming for the replication, but she feels confident she can have it done by next year. Ellie, being a storyteller, is recreating Christmas books. Olivia is writing lyrics for the songs. J'Quil said he'd help her create the music to match the songs. Those songs, unfortunately were not ones we brought along with us.  I know Kodiak has requested Slotan have the Guardian warship return with some special rocks. Not sure what for. I'll ask Slotan to add Christmas music to the list also, since there are so many songs. This will cut down the time Olivia and J'Quil have to spend on it. Next, is the presents! We are trying to figure out how to go into the capital, incognito, to do some shopping. I hope this next trip will last longer than the last one.

​LC will be back for Christmas! Bryony said she won't be--she has too much work to do.  I can't blame her. She's having much more fun there, than she would be here with Phataz in the room. I saw Phataz and Moira in a heated conversation the other day. Apparently when she told Phataz to be honest with Bryony, she didn't realize he was referring to wanting to breed with strong Pzian women. She thought she was reassuring him that any children him and Bryony would have would be precious. He agreed, but left out his fears that they would be weak.

​Oh, we just sealed the deal on the first location for the coffee shop! Doing a happy dance here! It will be a while until the current building (close to the warrior training fields), will be gutted and remodeled. That's okay, it gives us plenty of time to really plan this out so it will be spectacular.

​I hope to get another visit to the caverns. Bomb says he will take me back as soon as Slotan approves. Huff. Bomb told me that one of the several dozen caverns is an ice cavern! Imagine that, having a thermal cavern and an ice cavern in the same mountain. Reminds me of the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, where items roll up-hill.



​Just sitting here taking a break while Bomb, Kodiak and the others check on something. This trip is incredible. Bomb brought us to a mountain, two hours away, that has all kinds of caverns. He says there are miles upon miles of passageways and many caverns. I'm posting a picture of one of the caverns we've been to already.

​I was glad when Samantha decided to join us but have to admit that it was funny when J'Quil and one other warrior couldn't fit through the entrance---even sideways. They are just to bulked up with muscle!  They are waiting for us to explore.

​I showed my mini-Jo to Bryony and she said that she has already been shown how to use one. They have one at the lab for her to use on her expedition. She showed me a few nifty things I didn't know. Bry showed me how I can transmit what I record to my personal data pad, or someone else's. Unfortunately, it won't transmit while in the mountain. Some element in the rock prevents it. I'd have to find a crack in the rock or small opening to point it at. She also told me that I have to make sure to keep it charged weekly or it will die. Whether I'd loose everything or not, she didn't know. Bomb told me that even a small measure of sunlight can charge it for a bit, but I really need to set it out for an hour to get a solid charge. He and Bry also told me that it can be charged with the lighting in our homes and buildings. The lighting simulates natural sunlight.

​So, there a thermal lake in here somewhere. Bomb has refused to take us. I think he's worried about me and Bry stripping down to our skivvies and going for a swim. Slotan would probably be pretty upset about that.

​They are still not back. So, Samantha and I got the scoop on what's going on with Phataz and Bry. I really need to have Slotan kick his ass. Can you believe that he wants to have kids with Pzian women before life-mating with Bry. He's afraid their mixed kids won't be strong enough. Jerk. Right now I wish Codis were still here. He really seemed into her and treated her like a queen. Bry deserves that. It kills me to not tell Bry that Phataz is paying for her guards, but I swore to Slotan that  I wouldn't say anything. I'm not even supposed to know. That would explain why suddenly, no males have been approaching Bryony. I wish I had Olivia's skills. I'd kick Phataz's ass myself. Bryony leaves for her trip tomorrow. This will be good, she needs to get away for a while. I'm gonna miss her.

Samantha and Moira are coming over tomorrow to help me start designing the coffee house. They suggested we play music in there, make it homey, and have impromptu performances to keep the place hoping. Why can't a coffee house look like a pick-up joint? These Pzians have no idea. In fact, the only one to see a coffee house was J'Quil and we can convince him that was an odd one for our planet. This place is stiff and it's time to introduce some human-style fun. Slotan says that when our families move here, that we can set them up with their own businesses. Moira and I really hope that they will move here. It's hard being away from them. Time to go. I'm stiff, need to stretch, and find out what they found so fascinating.  

11/19 (Later)

​Yes, I admit it. I just wanted to play with my new mini-Jo. So, I've got my backpack ready for tomorrow's hike. We leave early in the morning. Bryony wants to do some mountain climbing (glad we practiced on the ship). Kodiak and the guards will be with us to help if we get stuck. Slotan personally inspected all of my equipment, and gave me and Bry special outfits so our skin will be protected. He also added a head covering with neck brace that inflates and solidifies, just in case we fall. I almost laughed when I saw Kodiak's expression when Slotan was explaining all this. So glad Kodiak isn't taking this personally.  I'm kind of surprised Slotan's not coming, I sort of get the feeling he wants me out of here for some reason. I think I'm getting paranoid. Probably already passed that point a week ago.

​I asked Bomb how much equipment he's taking when I didn't see him with anything other than what he usually wears, and he just looked at me like, "What the hell are you talking about?" Kodiak will probably be in normal clothes too. Bry and I feel like the Pillsbury doughboy.

​Not tired enough to sleep yet, so let me describe this house Slotan built for us. Overall, we have a total of ten bedroom suites, each with their own full-sized restroom. Two of the suites are for Xinu and Resar when they are here. There's also one massive kitchen (about the size of my house in Santa Cruz), two dining rooms (one seats 50), two studies, two entertainment rooms, one large workout room, staff quarters, and two restrooms on the main floor for visitors. These restrooms remind me of ones in fancy hotels, with multiple stalls. The difference is that each bathroom also has a separate room with a shower, should the guest feel the need for one. There's a lot more, but I'll go into it later. Ya know, this place has got to be at least 30,000 square feet, maybe more. I'm just glad I don't have to clean it.

​Slotan says there will be more goodies to come, like a guest house. I hope he puts in a pool. I wonder if he would mind if I stayed in the guesthouse (once built) when he stays in the capital for days on end meetings. This house is so large and I'm just not used to all this opulence. Bronis' house is even larger, not as big as his mansion, but pretty close. It's still being built, so who knows, it might even be bigger. Ellie travels with him when he goes to the mansion. He stays there when he has a lot of meetings with Leader Thalmar.  

​Should get to sleep, but can't until I tell you about Moira's house! She had told the twins she loves the Victorian style while we were on the ship. Breneem took that to heart and must have downloaded pictures. Anyhow, her house reminds me of the old Winchester Mystery House, only the twins, in celebration of having twin daughters, painted half the house pink and the other half lavender. Literally, the right side is pink, and the left side is lavender. They even had butterflies, hearts, and flowers carved into the posts. I have to give them credit. I've always heard real men aren't afraid to wear pink...B  & B aren't afraid to live in it. I know they want more kids. It'll be interesting to see what B & B do if they have sons. That could turn out to be one frightening colorful house! Moira really is blessed to have her guys. Now if only her mother-in-law would come around. The woman won't accept half-breed women. I think it bothers Moira more than her hubbies. They've washed their hands of their mother.

Our wedding is back on but it will be small and unannounced to all but a couple of people! LC left for some mining post on a moon. I hope he will be back in time to walk me down the aisle.

​Jenna and Gorgo are great. They are planning on life-mating in six months. Jenna wanted to wait until she's settled into her job and has a chance to get to know Gorgo's mother and his sisters. So far, they seem to be getting along great. Zepar and Olivia are fine, although I've seen her flip him over her should twice lately. He's really smothering her now that she's pregnant. She keeps reminding him that she's barely showing and feels fine.


​No news on whoever put that snake in my garment bag, or if there is, Slotan isn't saying. I overheard him talking to his father, Bronis, about Nopal being brought back here to face charges. It was her half-brother that tried to kill Jenna and Bryony. I also found out that her half-brother is dead. Gorgo killed him. I suspected as much. Nopal told her brother that Slotan cast her aside because of me and how I would have ruined all negotiations with Earth if he didn't do so. As if I have that kind of power! For Christ's sake, I invented novelty items for a living. No one in my family has political connections. I don't know what they'll do with Nopal at this point and honestly couldn't care less. They'll probably banish her to some awful planet that has no spaceports so she can escape. I'll supply the parachute! I know her mother is here on Pzianian, but don't know where her father is, or if she has any other relatives. I hope they're not all nutcases.

​Slotan saw me writing in my journal, eeks, and asked me about it. I explained what it was and that it was personal. He didn't ask to read it, only said that he hopes I'll share it with him one day. He then left and returned with what I call a mini-Jo (miniature journal). It's small enough I can clip it on my person and with my fingerprint, unlock it. It becomes a full size writing journal/recorder. It's so cool and I can't believe at how small it folds up when I'm not using it. So small that I can clip it to my bra strap and it doesn't bother me. I kinda worry I'll lose it 'cuz it's so small. It's also solar powered, so I'll have to make sure it gets an hour of sunlight each week.

​I'm going to see if Slotan will get one for Bry for her trip. She'd like that. In fact, tomorrow, Bryony has asked me to go hiking with her. If we get some private time, maybe I can talk to her about Phataz. I had thought they had something going on, but it all seems like it's falling apart. Maybe I can be of help. Like ask Slotan to go kick some sense into his brother. I know he'd do it for me. Especially now, after everything I've been through. He doesn't like seeing me upset for any reason. Kodiak said he'd come with us (and of course all of our guards). I'm glad Kodiak is coming, he looks so off lately. I pray he's okay. I'm going to talk to him about seeing Gorgo. Gorgo can fix anything that's wrong with him.

​One last thing, Slotan has convinced me to switch out my translator to one of the new ones that contains a tracker. I've agreed. My gut tells me I might need it, if for no other reason than for him to find my body. Crap, I've got to snap out of this.


​I just spent the last two days under sedation. The wedding didn't happen. What did happen was a fricken snake! Somebody had shoved a snake in the same dress bag with my wedding dress. I'd decided to get dressed while LC was using the chainsaw, or whatever, to get in through the ceiling. I remember hearing him remark about how idiotic it is to reinforce doors and walls, but not ceilings. I've no doubt he will show them the proper way to build safe-rooms (thought I didn't know our bedroom was supposed to be one).

​There are other bits and pieces that I remember. I undid the seam of the bag containing my dress and saw the snake's head pop-up. Scared the shit out of me. I flung the bag and the sucker went flying out. He was a big one, and mad as hell. He hissed and launched himself at me. I grabbed the corner of the bag and batted it away, jumped over the bed, then threw the bedcover on top of it when it landed on the back edge of the bed. I grabbed a vase and hit it repeatedly like a crazy woman. Thinking about it now makes me sick to my stomach. I hope the snake didn't have a family.

​Now, I'm angry. Pissed to high-heaven is more like it. I wonder if I can get Slotan to toss whoever did this into that colony of biting ants Phataz and Traven brought back from the Amazon. Okay, just the thought of that has put a little grin on my face. I'm so wicked. I hope it was Hurisol. I suspect Irlinda, but that's Slotan's mom. Why should I feel...oh, I need to let this drop. Slotan will figure it out and deal with it. I have to believe that.

So, the reason for sedation. I was hysterical...gee, as if anyone could blame me. Anyhow, I lost my voice from screaming, crying and hyperventilating. I'm not joking. I had a major case of laryngitis. Jenna's treating me and says I'll be okay in another day or two.

Obviously, the wedding's been postponed. Indefinitely. Slotan's out for blood. I keep reassuring him, best I can with my voice as it is, that I don't plan on leaving him, but honestly, I'm wondering if it might not be for the best if I did. I love him with all my heart but it is difficult, and am I really being fair to him? He is or was supposed to be in line to lead the planet. Now, because of me. Hell, I just don't know what to do. At least I seem to be the only human who's a target. That's a plus.

Slotan yelled at my guards and has replaced the ones that were supposed to be at the door when he left that morning for breakfast with this father. I remember hearing him say he'd see them in the arena. Not sure I want to know what that's about. Hopefully it will be nothing more than a beat down, like what Moira's guys delivered, but this is Slotan we're talking about.

The captain of my guard, Bomb, yes, his name really is Bomb, is taking this personally. I keep trying to tell him it's okay and I know Slotan doesn't hold him responsible. I'm afraid he's going to ask to be reassigned. I hope not. He's really nice and has been tolerant every time I get stuck up a tree and he has to rescue me.

Kodiak's got this scary calm vibe going on. Not sure what that's about but it seems like he's trying to read everyone's thoughts. I wonder if he can. It wouldn't surprise me. In fact, it might even explain a few things. Olivia wants to kick Hurisol's ass, but Zepar and Kodiak have forbidden her from fighting until after the baby is born and she is back to normal. Slotan hasn't said anything about Olivia wanting to challenge Hurisol. Maybe he's silently hoping she will, but can't say as much since Hurisol is the mother of his eldest son, Xinu.

​Isn't life grand?  


​I woke up this morning with Moira pounding on my door asking if I was up. I got up to let her in but the door is stuck. Do you believe in omens? I'm starting to. I was supposed to be walking down the aisle in a couple of hours, instead I'm stuck in here, waiting for someone to break me out. LC's on the other side now with what sounds like  a chainsaw. To top it off, the heel on one of my stilettos broke! Moira hollered out that she'd go make another pair. No chance in running away now, and just where is Slotan? I thought he was sleeping in the hallway all night. Okay, I'm freaking out and need a box or two of tissue. I swear I'm hearing noises in the room with me.

​I'm not going to cry though. No, I'm going to take a quick shower, get on my makeup, and put on my wedding dress. I can hear Slotan on the other side of the door cussing! He's picked up some of our words.

​11/11 (Later)

​It's odd not sleeping with Slotan tonight but I wanted to hold onto at least one tradition. I know he's not happy about this, but I have to admit it's kinda cute how he's sleeping in the hallway, outside our bedroom. I think he's afraid his mother will pay me another visit or that I'll run (he heard Aaliyah and Moira joking about that). Slotan's told his mom to stay away, but she keeps finding a way in. He's also banned Hurisol. I can't deny I'm nervous about tomorrow and if I dwell on this I know I'll start crying. I have to think positive. Tomorrow I will marry the man/alien I love and live happily ever after. Hey, just trying to stay optimistic here.

Other news. Moira had a great time on her honeymoon and brought back lots of presents, but no pictures. At least none she is willing to share. I hope that Slotan will be able to get time off to take me to where the twins took Moira. Sounds fabulous. Her guys started their new twin-pair-warrior training program today and put eight recruits in medical, after Moira showed up. B & B didn't like the comments and offers that those eight issued to Moira. Breneem and Bolano are fine. Not a scratch. Moira said it was both amazing and scary as hell to see them beat the crap out of eight warriors all at once. We both figure it's because Bronis taught the twins to fight as one, where these other sets of twins and best friends were never taught to fight that way. B & B are truly of one mind when it comes to defense. Moira said the two of them moved like the Tasmanian Devil. So fast, she didn't know there were two of them fighting. Anyhow, the rest of the warriors know that the ones who were carted off to medical were lucky to not have been killed. I suspect the other warriors will go out of their way to keep as much distance between themselves and Moira as possible from here on out.

​Bryony is leaving pretty soon on a two month expedition with a group of scientists from her research lab. She's so excited. I don't know what's going on with her and Phataz but I suspect it's not good. I saw an attractive, Amazon size, Pzian woman leaving his home shortly after midnight. All Pzian woman are big boned and tall. I asked Slotan about the woman and Slotan told me not to worry. But of course I do. I'm tempted to ask Bryony about it but am not sure I should. Maybe this is one of the reasons why she didn't want to live at the compound. While she's gone, Aaliyah is going to come here to stay. LC and Kodiak want her to start bonding with the cammor they chose for her. Her guards will come here also, and Bry's will go with her on the expedition.

​No surprise, Pravel came by today to try to convince me to not life-mate Slotan. I tried to have that heart-to-heart with him but all I got was a repeated, "I have so much more to offer to you." I reminded him that he's made the same offer to the other human women, and that's no way to win a woman's heart! The only one he's been leaving alone is Ellie, and now Moira and Olivia. I think he knows how the twins fight and kick ass, and I think he's tired of Olivia kicking his ass. If he keeps going after Olivia, I'm going to talk to Kodiak. Olivia needs to stop taking him on now that she's pregnant.

​I don't know what's going on with Kodiak but he seems unusually distracted lately. I keep seeing him outside, standing still, and looking at the stars as if he's trying to decipher some message or something.

​Samantha and J'Quil are still joined at the hip. I swear you could walk right past those two and they wouldn't know you were even there. Come to think of it, I've seen Kodiak go to their place several times lately. He must be working on something with J'Quil.


​Tomorrow's the big day and my feet are frozen! LC hasn't left yet, thank goodness. He's walking me down the aisle. LC made me feel better when he told me that he's never hurt a woman before but wouldn't mind teaching Irlinda and Hurisol a lesson or two. He overheard Irlinda tell me how worthless I am and came to my rescue, by calling my name. Amazing how those two turned and smiled at him as if we were having a pleasant visit.

Ellie has taken charge of the wedding arrangements. She has everyone helping out. Ellie's so sweet. I think my friends are thinking that I'm ready to recreate the role from the Runaway Bride! Aaliyah already told me we don't wear the same sneaker size. Damn.

I'm off to have breakfast with Moira now, and then to recreate my wedding dress. Xinu said he accidentally spilled his drink on my dress, but I don't remember seeing him in this part of the house. The dress was laid out on one of the beds in one of the spare bedrooms. There's no saving the dress. It's ruined. I can't believe Xinu would have done that but wonder why and for whom he lied. I have my suspicions. Two guesses.  


​Two more days and then me and Slotan tie the knot! I'm worried about what Hurisol and Irlinda (Slotan's mom) will do. His mom tells me often just how I'm destroying her son's life and how he won't become leader of Pzianian because of me. Hurisol just stands silently next to her giving me this stern creepy look. Ya know the one, where you can't tell what in the heck she's thinkings, so it must be dire. I think some of it has to do with her stance. I know Olivia wouldn't feel intimidated, but I sure do. Opinlin, Resar's mom, at least, seems neutral. Slotan tells me not to listen to his mother. Kind of hard not to. Tonight Moira will be back. I really miss her.

​Kodiak, LC, and me are teaching Resar how to play basketball. Xinu hasn't joined in yet, but he looks like he really wants to. Kodiak and LC are doing everything they can to get my stepsons interested in sports and just helping with whatever they're doing. So far, Resar's been receptive, but Xinu still holds back. We won't give up.


​Is pent some time with Aaliyah today. We went, with our guards, into town to do some shopping for the baby. We drew a lot of attention, so much so, that our trip was cut short. I couldn't believe how several of the warriors, that's how they refer to themselves, men and women, no matter the job, just reached out to touch our hair! Long hair is unusual here, and the fact that our hair is a solid dark brown or black, makes it all the more fascinating. One warrior after another also pointed out how we are mostly hairless. Aaliyah and I felt like freaks. ​We're definitely wearing long pants next time and pulling our hair up, und putting on a cap.

​Unfortunately, they don't have internet here. We did find some cute stuff though, before we had to leave. Aaliyah and Riken are having a son! They couldn't be happier. They haven't agreed on names yet. I know Olivia and Zepar are arguing over names ever since he found out that when J'Quil has his first son, he will be called J'Quil Junior, or J.J. Now, Zepar wants a junior. To top it off, Bronis wants one of his grandsons named after him, and Mitchell wants to at least have one of the boys to have the middle name of Mitchell. So long as he is primary trainer for the kids.

​Pravel, the jerk, keeps coming around and bringing us gifts. We don't accept them. We all figure that as soon as we do that he'll take it as a sign that we want to breed with him. So not happening. We're all wishing Thalmar will just send him to Earth to find some kick-ass woman who will put him in his place, and keep him there.

​I hate to admit it, but I'm actually starting to feel sorry for him. Maybe I should have a heart-to-heart talk with him.


​Moira and the twins left on their honeymoon this morning. They've promised to be back before me and Slotan get hitched. I don't know where they went. The twins wanted it to be a surprise.

​Xinu got a partial snapshot of one of the snakes (I put it in the album). He says I knocked him down when I ran off, but I honestly don't remember doing that. I feel so horrible. I can imagine what his mother, Hurisol, had to say about that when he saw her later. She's not a fan of mine to begin with. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if her and Slotan's mother are planning my demise. Guess it's a good thing I have guards. Slotan's agreed to let me open a cafe where we can sell our specialty coffees and maybe some baked goods. It will either be Laurel's Cafe (Slotan's idea), or The Blue Marble.

​Xinu also told me that these snakes have nails so thick that they can slice through my arm and destroy a major artery in no time flat. I can't blame him for being angry with me. I still can't believe I bowled him over, instead of grabbing him and Resar and dragging them along with me. That's so unlike me.

Breneem and Bolano, Kodiak and L.C. will be at the training fields a lot working with the Pzian warriors. B&B will be getting that warrior-pair training program underway as soon as they return from the honeymoon. I heard Thalmar wants to send L.C. to some mining outpost to teach them how to set up traps and guerilla warfare. So long as he's back in time for my ceremony. I'll miss him.

Also, I don't know what's going on, but Gorgo had a light red mark down his arm and face. I heard that he called something name 'First Rights' when that warrior took Jenna and intended to murder her. I suspect that warrior is no more. Gorgo really is strong. I also heard that guy was Nopal's brother. I asked Slotan where she is and he told me not be concerned. The way he said it, it gave me the chills.  

11/5 (Moira's Life-Mating! Picture of the bride is posted on my Pzian album)

​What the hell?! Whey didn't anyone--these aliens--tell us that snakes have front feet and travel in groups! FEET for God's sake! And they leap! You can't even predict where they'll go. Their movements are erratic and unpredictable. They have a long body and slither like a snake, but use they feet (which they keep to their sides when moving on the ground), to help launch into the air. Freaky. On those feet are claws. Sticking out of their mouths are fangs. Slotan told me later that they normally travel in pairs or in family units, and they are not common to this area. He promised he would have the ones that somehow made it here, exterminated. Within the week, we'll be able to enjoy the lake again (yeah right. Like we could just forget this.)

​Moira really did look beautiful At least up until she started screaming and running! The bouquet didn't make it. it was petals in the wind. Actually, the way she was running and flapping her arms, was hilarious--now that's it's over. She moves fast for being a pregnant lady. Breneem pushed his way through the crowd, scooped her up, and took her away. Bolano followed behind him. I was impressed, up until I noticed more of the snakes coming our way. Needless to say, the rest of the Pzians stayed put looked dismayed. Kodiak and L.C. also stayed put. Damn macho men. I'm not sure, but I think it was Ellie and Olivia who toppled the wedding cake on our mad dash to the transports. I was surprised Olivia ran too. I didn't think anything scared her.

​I heard the Pzian woman (the twins mother) laughing, while the men grumbled and took care of the snakes. No doubt, that awful witch was probably petting the damn snakes and telling them what a great job they did. Anyhow, the picture I put up is a pre-snake one.

​I've decided our ceremony will take place indoors.


​Moira and I are pulling together the final preparations for her life-mating ceremony, to the dismay of her mother-in-law. (Mine's not much better.) Moira and the twins decided to have the ceremony down by the lake. We decided to have the guys build an arch. We'll add vines and flowers to it. It's so Moira! The ceremony will be part Pzian and part Earth. The Earth part will be the exchange of rings and me as Maid of Honor, and Slotan as Best Man. Plus there will be a wedding cake. Pzian's celebrate a life-mating we are told (there's so few of them and kept secretive within their community), but they don't have a wedding cake. Olivia and Kodiak, yes, Kodiak, are making the wedding cake.  


​I swear I'm going to strangle the jerk. Pravel just doesn't know when to give up. He's been dogging us everywhere for the past two days. At least when our mates, L.C., and Kodiak weren't around. Ugh. We finally gave up today and called it. When our guys get home tonight (and Pravel has returned to the palace), me, Jenna, Aaliyah, Bry, and Ellie will go back to the lake to take care of the finishing touches. The guys have already set up the seats and tables for us. Moira and the twins big day is nearing!!! We wish our families were here to share this joy, but the twins is having it videoed so Moira can send it to them.

Next week is mine and Slotan's big day! Aaliyah has yet to give us a date, same with Jenna and Gorgo.

Anyhow, today Bryony climbed (well, jumped into) a tree to get away from Pravel. It was really funny. He turned around when Ellie called his name and when he turned back to Bry...she was gone. He had no idea she went up the tree. (And he's supposed to be a warrior. Our guys never would have missed that.) When he couldn't find Bry, he turned to Aaliyah and tried to convince him that she shouldn't life-mate Riken, and have his child after she births Riken's. She threatened to neuter him, and the jerk actually looked pleased that she was thinking about his junk! Moira 'unintentionally' tripped him twice. Jenna 'accidently' dumped her drink on him (& he didn't even leave to go change--he stripped and jumped in the lake). Olivia flipped him over her shoulder. Ellie kept trying to distract him away from us with 'important things' that needed to be fetched. Pravel just reassigned the tasks to one of my guards. Ellie finally gave up. He came to me last, probably because I kept giving him the evil eye. I took a page out of Bry's book, and as soon as he was distracted, I joined her in the tree. We remained still until he left. The guards had to help get us down. Getting up--no problem. Getting down--probable broken neck.

Pravel has been enlightened to the fact that we can leap a good 12 feet (maybe higher). We haven't been brave enough yet to see just how high we can jump. Love the gravity here. Bry and I were joking about seeing if we have the strength of Superman. Maybe we can pitch Pravel to the next continent, or at least over a cliff. So tired of his propositions.   

​​OCTOBER, 2016
Traven’s promotion ceremony was spectacular. The warriors all looked so handsome in their uniforms, even the Pzian woman looked beautiful in their uniforms. Kodiak and L.C. wore Pzian uniforms, since they are now part of the Pzian training/consultant group. We, human woman, wore elegant gowns, and of course stilettos! Well, we’re not warriors, and wearing jeans, shorts, or workout outfits wouldn’t have been appropriate.
After the ceremony, there was huge (about 500 people) reception. Olivia and L.C. wrote music and a song for the special occasion. They performed it in honor of Traven’s promotion. Traven actually blushed, but looked extremely honored.
Dakar finally relented and accepted the post of Co-Commander. Pravel looked like he swallowed lemons. Little twerp. Well, not so little, but…oh, hell. He’s an ass and just doesn’t give up. He’s determined that we all want us and that we won’t be able to resist him or his position as the Leader’s son. I’m ready to pop him in the nose, if Bryony and Aaliyah doesn’t first.
Not much time to write. Traven’s promotion ceremony is in a couple of hours. He’s going to do great and we’re all so proud of him. I hear two the Pzian academies will be there to witness the ceremony (one of them will be Xinu and Resar’s). Then, once The Galaxy Hunter is retrofit, he will be the new commander and leaving. We’re all going to miss him, and I suspect Nica will miss him just as much. Hopefully, when he returns in five years, he will bring her back with him. At least they promised each other and I hope that doesn’t change.
On the plus side, Traven will be here long enough for our life mating ceremonies. Warrior Abruok is also planning on life-mating Aaliyah. She’s finally accepted his proposal since she found out they are expecting. I know she’s not happy that he has to finish out his commitment, but is at least grateful that they’ll allow him to return when the baby is born for 3 Pzian months (their days are longer than ours). I put one of her cosmos pictures on my Pzian photo album. There’s one on there from Ellie too.
Now I have to wonder what’s going on with Bryony. Phataz and she seem to be having problems. Codis is most definitely interested in her and she seems to be more interested in him than Phataz.
It was nice meeting my stepsons. Resar, the youngest, is a real pistol. He is so full of energy and has a great sense of humor. Xinu wants to take me to his academy so I can meet his instructors and classmates. I never thought I’d be a candidate for ‘Show and Tell.’ I told him I’d love too. It made him happy.
The boys were thrilled with everything we brought them. I had to laugh when Resar was determined to figure out how to put up the shield around the bike for when it rains. I swear he searched every square inch thinking there must be a hidden switch somewhere. At least he accepted that the bicycles don’t have motors, but that was after he searched every box to see if they were separated into another box. I had to demonstrate how to ride the bike, and he caught on real quick. Xinu, not so much. I felt kind of bad because Resar laughed at him for crashing several times.
They found the electronics entertaining. Thank God, my folks made sure everything was battery operated and sent tons of batteries. There’s not an outlet to be found on this planet! What the boys liked best was the sports equipment and immediately wanted to learn how to use it all. Kodiak and L.C. said they would teach them. After the boys left, I saw Slotan and a few of his brothers outside with the basketball, and the instructions my parents sent along. I guess they don’t want to admit to Kodiak and L.C. they have no clue what they’re doing. Go figure. I had to start laughing when I saw them arguing over the meaning of the rules. Bronis went out to break it up and wound up joining in on the argument. He had his own take on how the game should be played and scored.
The reception we received when we disembarked from the shuttle was comical. The warriors were practically tripping over themselves to get a look at us. Kodiak and L.C. wore Pzian outfits. Us ladies, went semi-conservative with our dresses and shoes, since we knew we’d be heading to Leader Thalmar’s home first. Still, we drew a lot of attention. Every place we go some warrior is always commenting on how hairless we are, how unusual our coloring is, and how delicate we are (except for Kodiak and L.C.). We decided to let them be enthralled, especially after seeing how interested the males were. What an ego boost! Slotan and his brothers were not very happy with the attention we were getting. Oh, well. We all agreed, and made Kodiak and L.C. promise, not to share that our mostly hairless bodies is not the norm for human women. The Pzian males are fascinated by it and we’ve heard the comments about wanting to touch our skin, the Pzian females believe we must come from a very hot planet. They see it as a weakness, just like our size. I wonder why they invented a permanent hair removal want to begin with.
So, back to our reception. There wasn’t much of one, truthfully. Leader Thalmar has this incredible palace, and he was very polite and welcoming. It was only Thalmar, his, “I’m god’s gift to women,” son Pravel, Bronis, Slotan, his brothers, and us. Thalmar stated he is planning a formal reception soon. He’s wonderful, too bad his son didn’t take after him. Afterwards, we went to Bronis’ mansion since the compound is close, but not quite ready yet. Soon. (Bronis is so obviously smitten with Ellie—it’s cute. I get impression she is just as smitten. Slotan said he hadn’t seen his father smile so much.)
Slotan tells me this was his and his brother’s childhood home, when they were with their father. We’ll all have our own individual homes in the compound and Bronis has said we can choose how to design our homes. He had the carpenters follow, as best they could, the drawings and writings we sent to him. Changes can be made if it’s not what we expected. Slotan, however, designed our home, but I told him I wanted to have a say in decorating.
I’ll get to meet my stepsons, Xinu and Resar later this evening. I can’t wait. I hope they like what my parents and I bought them, and the seashells Moira got them in Gibraltar.
Later this morning we’ll be leaving the sanctuary of the Galaxy Hunter and facing our new lives on Pzianian. I’m not the only one who’s nervous, scared, and excited all wrapped in one. As horrible as I feel that Moira was caught up in all of this, I’m glad she’s here. The journey here has been fun, even if Slotan’s pissed that I escaped my guards, and Jenna was nearly murdered. He rally should be thanking Moira, Aaliyah, Bryony, and me for finding all of the hidden openings on his ship. It’s because of our unauthorized exploration, that Jenna’s life was saved, and we discovered countless security flaws! Well, at least we think he should be.
Slotan says Dakar’s parents are going to meet with us, Moira, Breneem and Bolano, and Bronis about the life mating ceremony next week. Moira said something about being bitten again and that the twins plan on biting in a much more intimate place this time (they jumped the gun thinking that was all that was needed). The biting or marking is done after the ceremony. She doesn’t seem too thrilled about being punctured again. I hope Slotan will just do the rings. I did tell him I would let him put one tattoo on me in a private place—no more plastering them on me like he had done before. So glad Gorgo and Jenna removed them. Slotan agreed to wear my name on his person also, in an intimate place!
Now to go figure out what to wear to a “Hey, look new aliens on your planet!”

Laurel’s Café/Journal (a spinoff of the copyrighted Galaxy Warrior Series), is property of K.L. Wallen and may not be reproduced in any form.

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