(Taken from Sales and from comments sent to me by readers.)

Great read! Funny, sexy & action packed from beginning!

This second installment is just as good as the first. The byplay is funny and entertaining. The story is interesting and she keeps the characters interacting nicely. It will be fun to see how all the brothers’ pair up and the chaos their humans cause.

Space Odyssey meets star trek!!

So very good!

I am normally not a fan of any type of space opera, soap opera or what not. But I enjoy this series. It is filled with a lot of humor, science fiction and some action. Did I mention romance? Yeah it's there too. All of my favorite genres combined into one what's not to like! I enjoy the premise of the story can't wait for the next book this fall. I hope there are more than just that one.

I love this series. The world building is great and the characters come to life. I read the first book and had to immediately get the next books in the series. Now I can't wait until the next book is released!

I enjoy how all the characters from the other books in the series play a role in each book.

I don't usually write reviews but I have to make an exception for this series. I have added this author to my "look for" list.

The book [Twins] picks right up from, book 1. Well written storyline and characters, we are introduced to Laurel's cousin Moira. She has been mistaken for Laurel kidnapped and ushered into the spacecraft. Will she come between identical twins. If your looking for sci-fi romance this is it!

Loved it ! The second book is just as good!

I am thoroughly enjoying this series. I wish the males would not be so secretive from their life mates. J'Quil and Samantha I hope are able to save the planet. I enjoy how all the characters from the other books in the series play a role in each book

For a new author her story is highly entertaining. The females are bright and imaginative. The males overbearing and bossy. The interplay between them haliarous.

This series all have a decent story but this one [Zepar] has a fair bit of humour as well. Certainly worth a read and made me chuckle anyway. I have read the 4 books in the series so far and will certainly read the 5th.

I love this series! It's fast paced and fun. I like that there are a few story arcs in each book. I hope you will write about their time on the planet and their interactions with the brothers' families.

I normally don't read a series that cannot be read as standalone books. It is something that I feel should be the first thing written in the Synopsis. It is something that I find very very annoying with books broken up into so many parts now a days. However let's get back to the series. I enjoy this space opera. Actually I love it. It has everything that I like in the different genres I read. Great job! I am about to buy book 6. Funny but I'm hoping it is not the last. I know there is one more brother left. And I can't wait for that but come out either if there is one or maybe the other warriors. What about Kodiak ? Will we have his love story? or will it just be mixed in with one of the brothers love-stories? Whatever happens you have a fan and I will be buying the book.

I have been thoroughly enjoying your galaxy warrior series. I really like the way each subsequent book contains the characters from the previous books. I am especially taken with Slotan and Laurel. Even though Slotan has recently been a total ass I am still hoping that he & Laurel can work things out. I am eagerly awaiting your next book Galaxy Warrior Phataz and would like to know when it will be out. I hope it is sooner rather than later. Do you have a release date for it yet?  Can't wait to find out what happens with Slotan & Laurel ( keeping my fingers crossed for them to work out after some much overdue groveling on Slotan's part) and to see what the rest of the human girls and the Scorpak brothers are up to. Kodiak & LC too. Please let me know when I will be able to continue this series. Thanks for the hot alien romance.      

I enjoy this series very much! A spin-off would be nice but I would like to hear more about how the Earthlings adjust to Pzianian and how the people of Pzianian cope with Earthlings -- this could be hilarious!  Also, about how these couples stop the bad guys from destroying Pzianian. I guess I really like these characters and would like read more about them and their future. Keep up the great work! I love this series. ​Note: Click on Laurel's Cafe to see how the first batch of honored guests are fairing on their new planet.

​Please leave reviews. I have so few that my husband feels I should just give up writing. A couple of those reviews are not good ones, including one on Traven. It went something like, I loved all of her books, but this one was a disappointment. (I happened to like this one, especially Kodiak and Isabel's story at the end.) The person who wrote that, did not leave a review on any of the other books, which is a real disappointment. I also had one other low review, and when I clicked on the reviewer's name, I realized I was in good company. That a rating of two was a good rating for this reviewer! 

You can click on a reviewers name to see if and how they rated other books (at least on Amazon). Low book ratings, or few book ratings is the same as telling perspective readers to just skip the book--that the book probably isn't any good. Psychologically, it also leaves the writer wondering if he/she should continue writing or take up another hobby. Even though the books sell, this doesn't tell the writer whether or not readers are enjoying them, or if the reader will purchase future books or recomend them to others.


So please, if you have enjoyed reading the books, leave reviews. A simple sentence about your favorite character, scene, etc. would be nice and help me convince my husband to not get upset when he sees me spending so much time writing (which I love.)

Thank you for your support.